Multivariate Differential Calculus and Optimization-Part 2

In my previous article, I introduced some concepts which are necessary if we want to set an optimization problem in a multivariate environment. Here, we will first dwell on how to check the smoothness of a surface (which is the main assumption to deploy an optimization task), then we will see how to look for […]

Multivariate Differential Calculus and Optimization-Part 1

Differential calculus is a powerful tool to find the optimal solution to a given task. When I say ‘optimal solution’, I’m referring to the result of the optimization of a given function, called objective function. This result might be either a maximum (namely, if your objective function describes your revenues) or a minimum (namely, if […]

Conditional Probability and Rare Events

Conditional probability refers to the probability of a generic event, given some extra information. More specifically, the conditional probability of one event A with respect to B: Expresses the probability of A given that B has occurred. If the two events are independent, the simple and conditional probability coincides (the occurrence of B has nothing […]