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Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine

Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President at Gartner

Hi! My name is Valentina and, for those who know me, launching a personal blog is the most unlikely thing I could do.

However, it’s been almost a year since I started studying and learning about data science thanks to the knowledge and expertise of many people who were willing to share their skills. Hence, I decided I wanted to contribute, in turn, by sharing some topics and news related to Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. At the same time, I will size this opportunity to update and improve my knowledge in that limitless field.

Far from being ‘academic’, my articles are meant to be a source of confrontation, and I’d be more than happy to receive opinions or criticism to improve them.

Hoping I did’t bore you already, I wish you a happy reading!

  • Understanding the compartmental SIR model

    9 April 2020 by

    In my last article, I’ve been writing about the spreading of COVID-19 without really inferring the structure of the process. I provided some visualization tools and interactive widgets to have an overview of the phenomenon throughout time. Here, I’m going to dwell on the modeling techniques which can be used to understand the diffusion of… Read more

  • Model Selection for Linear Regression

    5 April 2020 by

    Whenever you want to build a Machine Learning model, you have a set of p-dimensional inputs to start from. However not all of these inputs might be necessary to obtain the best predictive model. Moreover, using all of the p predictors might lead to overfitting problem, especially if the number of observations n is not… Read more

  • Bootstrap sampling: an implementation with Python

    12 November 2019 by

    Bootstrap methods are powerful techniques used in non-parametric statistics, that means, whenever we are provided with data drawn from an unknown distribution law. The underlying issue that bootstrap is meant to address is the well known problem of statistics: we want to collect information about a population, but we are provided only with a sample… Read more

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